Georgetown, Colorado
405 Argentine Street: County Court House
38.72 Hourly
30.97  Hourly
Full Time Benefits Eligible (> 30 Hours Per Week)
Regular - 40 Hrs Week


Under general direction of the Internal Services Director, this position is responsible for the coordination and supervision of building improvement projects, maintenance of County Courthouse facilities and for assuring that the conditions of building and grounds are such that they minimize safety hazards.  Timely attention to:  snow removal; landscaping; electrical, plumbing, and heating installation; maintenance of facilities and grounds; and all repairs.  Additionally, this position is responsible for supervising independent contractors and coordinating efforts with municipal public works personnel.  Prepares and maintains the Department's annual budget and approves all Departmental purchases. 



  • Supervise and direct the activities of departmental staff, establishing performance standards, conducting regularly scheduled performance evaluations to assure that standards are being met, taking timely and appropriate disciplinary action up to and including terminations.  Provide access to or conduct proper training to assure maximum efficiency and skills of department personnel.
  • Assist staff and perform these principal job duties listed here to ensure a clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing, orderly building environment.
  • May be required to respond to 24 hour emergency calls to perform emergency building or equipment repairs.
  • Have 24 hour emergency contacts in place in case of electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other building failures.
  • Adhere to all County policies and procedures, and all laws and regulations as they pertain to the management of assigned area.
  • Manage a computer based work order system to identify, track, report and schedule maintenance work.
  • Preparation and management of annual budget.


  • Communicate orally and in writing to notify supervisor and user groups of conditions or events and scheduling dates for repairs using a computer and telephone.
  • Provide technical expertise to facilities personnel and outside contractors to assist them in understanding specific job requirements and in the planning for future expansion and projects by drawing or sketching diagrams and layouts and using blueprints, codes, and estimates.
  • Provide direction, guidance, and instruction to personnel and other vendors/contractors in the correct operation of equipment and materials used to complete required maintenance activities.
  • Prepare reports of inspections and labor and material estimates to apprise supervisors of conditions of property and equipment and materials needed for repairs using a computer and measuring devices.

Project Management

  • Coordinate and oversee the renovation/remodeling of buildings with outside contractors.
  • Prepare project plans, and estimate needed materials, time and labor. Obtain written estimates when needed.
  • Recommend building modifications to improve or alter existing facilities.
  • Oversee vendors and contractors to determine that work is correctly performed and completed in a timely manner, that the correct materials are utilized, and to assure that procedures meet state requirements by reviewing plans and specialized drawings and using work orders, estimates, and visual inspection.

General Duties

  • Ensure a clean, orderly, healthy building environment following general housekeeping standards. This includes floor care, trash removal, glass cleaning, etc.
  • Ensure grounds are well kept, free of trash and debris and are pleasing to the eye. This includes mowing, trash removal, tree and shrub trimming, weed control.
  • Ensure irrigation systems and lawn care equipment is operational. This includes repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, regular mowing, fertilizing and weed control.
  • Provide prompt snow removal, ensuring walks, stairs and parking lots are safe.
  • Ensure snow removal equipment is operational.
  • Assist or perform the reconfiguration, installation, position, and remounting of modular offices and space (e.g. furniture, wall panels, work surfaces, storage bins, lighting, file cabinets, etc.).
  • Assist or perform general maintenance tasks such as painting, patching, carpentry, ceiling tiles, doors, windows, concrete etc.
  • Ensure the card entry system is working including battery backup and facilitating prompt repairs as needed.
  • Ensure the HVAC system is operating correctly. Ability to adjust calibrates and facilitates prompt repairs when needed and ensure that preventive maintenance is being performed per schedule.
  • Insure that boilers are operating properly, understanding the sequence of operation, complete daily logs, repairing or facilitating prompt repairs. Insuring boilers are inspected as required by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Division of Oil and Public Safety -Boiler Division. Inspection certificates will be kept available or posted in the boiler room.
  • Ensure the fire alarm systems are operating as designed and trouble free. Ensure all required fire alarm system inspections are performed according to NFPA standards.
  • Ensure all fire extinguishers are tested annually according to NFPA standards.
  • Ensure kitchen cooking hood chemical fire suppression system is tested/inspected semiannually per NFPA standards.
  • Ensure emergency exit lighting equipment is operational by periodic testing.
  • Ensure that all elevators and handicap lifts are tested, inspected, with applicable inspection records on file and certificates posted or readily available as per the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Division of Oil and Public Safety – Conveyance Program requires. Facilitate prompt repairs when needed.
  • Ensure generators are operating as designed and receive regular maintenance. Facilitate prompt repairs when needed.
  • Ensure electrical systems are safe and functioning properly this includes lighting, switches, outlets, breakers, fuses, HVAC and other control systems. Repair or facilitate repairs promptly.
  • Ensure that the plumbing system is operating properly and efficiently and repairs are promptly made when required. This includes repairing faucets, toilets, flush valves, drains, water heaters, pipes and various specialized plumbing devices in the confinement area.
  • Ensure that sewage pumping systems are working properly, annual inspections are performed and records kept and sent to the appropriate authority.

Inventory Control

  • Maintain a preferred vender list for an efficient and cost effective inventory replacement process.
  • Maintain housekeeping supplies such as cleaning products, vacuum filters, paper products etc.
  • Maintain products for snow removal such as salt, sand, shovels, fuel etc.
  • Maintain products for HVAC preventive maintenance and service such as filters, belts, oil and grease.
  • Maintain replacement lighting parts and electrical parts such as fuses, switches, outlets, breakers etc.
  • Maintain products for plumbing systems such as toilet repair parts (wax rings, pressure rings, tank repair kits etc.), faucet aerators, flushometer parts, pipe, pipe fittings, and various parts for confinement plumbing equipment (ACORN plumbing equip.).
  • Maintain spare door parts including latches, lock sets. For the card entry system, card readers and electric latches.