Dumont, Colorado
Emergency Medical Ser
3400 Stanley Road: EMS Building
139,638.00 Annual
109,562.00  Annual
Full Time Benefits Eligible (> 30 Hours Per Week)
Standard County Office Hours


Under general supervision of the County Manager, this position is responsible for all aspects of emergency medical services administration and operation including personnel management, operations reporting, technology updates and implementation, compliance with State regulations pertaining to EMS personnel and ambulance licensing, quality assurance, strategic planning, grant writing and administration, capital acquisition, liaison with other public safety agencies both within and outside the county.  Serve on numerous local and regional boards.  Work with other agencies to promote legislation benefiting the agency.  Assume a primary role in the promotion of customer service, continuous quality improvement and public relations.  Conduct trainings, ensure compliance with National and State mandates (e.g. NIMS), and prepare plans for various scenarios.  Perform Paramedic and medical incident command functions when necessary.


  • Strategic planning for organization. Design system structure, ensure funding source to operate agency, designate expenditures and work to increase revenue. Keep apprised of new trends in industry and plans for future of the agency.
  • Personnel management - Build a team of first-line shift EMS Captains to manage and deliver quality service.  Provide coaching for their personal development, feedback/performance appraisals and ensure communication among them.  Promote a fair and ethical work environment.  Responsible for certification management and recertification guidance.
  • Grant management - Pursue funding sources for EMS including grants, special operations deployments and partnerships
  • EMS agency representative - Report to the BOCC and coordinate interagency response with multiple groups including CDOT, mutual aid partners, local law enforcement agencies, County Nursing, receiving hospitals, and Clear Creek Fire Authority. 
  • Community Outreach - Coordinate Public Information Campaign with the County’s Communications Specialist regarding community AED program, CPR education, Neighborhood Paramedic Program, Health Fairs, Bicycle Helmet Program, and the Car Seat Safety Program. 
  • Data Management and Tracking - Compile operational data and documentation to improve staffing patterns, funding, and general operational management.  Responsible for submission of data to meet State and Federal requirements.
  • Technology management - Implement, update and manage computer software for data management and web based resources.
  • Administration - Oversee training coordination, personnel management and training, quality assurance, public outreach, station and vehicle maintenance, supply and logistics.   
  • Budget – Create and manage budget within constraints of funding. 
  • Emergency Response - Respond to incidents as needed.  May fill-in as Paramedic when needed, staff ambulances as necessary, perform medical incident command functions.  Approximately 0-5% of time. 
  • Maintain eligibility to participate in Medicare and state health care programs pursuant to the US Social Security Act, or as otherwise provided by law, including Office of Inspector General regulations; and report any action suspending or terminating eligibility immediately to the Chief Paramedic or Deputy Chief Paramedic
  • Other duties as assigned


A Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services is preferred


The following are required to be maintained in those instances where the person in this position must fill-in and conduct the duties of whenever necessary. 

State of Colorado Paramedic Certification

ACLS Certification

CPR for Professional Rescuer or equivalent

PALS or PEPP Certification encouraged

Instructor certifications encouraged

ICS 100, 200, 300, 700, 800


  • This position requires a self-motivated individual with the ability to complete duties, develop policy and implement operational strategy.
  • Requires excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to interface well with other employees, volunteers, fellow public safety agencies, the BOCC and the public are a must.
  • Ability to accurately and effectively transmit and receive information that is necessary to the accomplishment of goals and objectives including effective written and oral communication; ability to keep customers, subordinates, peers, and supervisors informed; and the ability to listen. 
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience as an EMS provider with a minimum of 5 years of experience as a paramedic, and have experience of 4 years in a supervisory capacity
  • Experience with various computer software applications 
  • Experience with EMS business financial issues
  • Management skills - leadership techniques, resource allocation, coordination of people and resources, and human resources modeling.  
  • Ability to work with interagency management
  • Ability to maintain courteous and effective working relationships with the public, County departments, co-workers and other agencies. 


  • Colorado Motor Vehicle Driver’s License – without restriction or revocation
  • Must pass background check:  Criminal and Traffic

Conviction of a crime will not be an absolute bar to employment

  • Paramedic Certification must be without restriction
  • Must not be excluded from participation in Medicare and state health care programs as provided in the US Social Security Act, 42 USCA § 1320a-7, or as otherwise provided by law, at the time of hire and at all times thereafter
  • Required legal authorization to work - United States citizenship or legal authorization to work in the United States


Administrative – Works in an office environment.  Essential job functions include:  oral comprehension, written comprehension, memorization, and mathematical reasoning.  Employee must be able to sit for long periods, grasp, push, pull, and able to carry 10 to 30 pounds. Ability to operate a variety of office equipment.  Clear vision at 20 inches or less and up to 2 feet or more, corrective eyewear is acceptable.

Emergency Medical Technician – Very heavy physical demands including lifting of patients.  Must be able to frequently lift and carry at least 50% of 250 pound load (patient plus stretcher) and medium to heavy weight equipment.  Essential functions include:  frequent walking, bending, crouching, squatting, long periods of standing, pushing and pulling of patients and equipment.  In addition - occasional sitting, climbing, running, kneeling, twisting, turning, and crawling may be required.  Must be able to remain alert during 24 hour shifts including driving at any time needed during a shift.  Must have hearing adequate to assess lung sounds and vital signs in less than silent environments.  Vision must be sufficient to legally driving day or night.   Must possess manual dexterity required to perform all of the medical treatment skills required of this position with little or no assistance.   This is typically will only be 0-5% of the job. 


This position has been determined to be an EXTREME exposure risk to “biohazards” associated with blood-borne pathogens HIV (aids), HAV (Hepatitis A) virus, HBV (hepatitis B) virus, and air-borne transmissions of TB (tuberculosis).  Members are advised that exposure to a “biohazard” may result in severe illness or death.  Members are required by Department policy to use protective equipment and clothing.  Inoculation may be required to prevent or treat exposures to “biohazards”.  The County provides inoculation of HAV, HBV, (Testing for TB) Chickenpox, Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, & Pertussis), Meningococcal, MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), and Influenza.  Some vaccinations are only required once in a life time, and you may be required to show documentation of the vaccine.  Employees who decline to be vaccinated will need to sign a Declination


Supervise, coordinate, and direct the activities of lower classified employees (staff of approximately 40). 

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of requirements, duties and responsibilities.  Clear Creek County provides reasonable job-related accommodations for disabled persons